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We are specialists in the rehabilitation of children and adults with acquired brain injury, autism and other physical issues.

Occupational Therapy

Our OT Services

Our Specialist Occupational Therapist has extensive experience working with Adults and Children, the Community, Education and the Private Sector.

The main aim of intervention is to maximise an individuals independence and quality of life in all aspects of daily living.

Expertise with client's who have

  • Neurological Conditions: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease & Spinal Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury in Adults
  • Stroke
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Autism & ADHD
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Injuries - Orthopaedic Trauma, Amputation of upper & lower limbs

Services - Assessment for

  • Assistive Equipment
  • Specialist Seating Assessments
  • Minor & Major Home Adaptations
  • Carers Assessment and Support Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Falls Prevention
  • Personal Care tasks
  • Assessment & Skill development in the home
  • Assessment & Skill development in Leisure Pursuits
  • Professional Reports detailing - Summary of client's home and social environment, Psychological Cognitive Function, Daily Living Activities, Identifies areas of difficulty, identified risks & risk management strategies, equipment recommendations and adaptations and Treatment recommendations

Provide a holistic assessment, individual treatment planning and delivery of Occupational Therapy service.

Client Centred intervention based on goals identified by clients & their significant others.

Interventions are evidenced based & reviewed regularly.

Professional services to the Charitable & Voluntary trusts, Solicitors, Private Healthcare, Educational Sector, Individuals & Case Managers.

A high quality professional & caring service in a field of expertise which we are passionate about.

Working with Adults in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and the West Midlands.


Developmental Test of Visual Perception – Adolescent and Adult (DTVP-A)

  • Ages: 11 – 74 Years
  • Testing Time: 25 Minutes
  • Published: 2002
  • Authors: Cecil R. Reynold, Judith K. Voress, Nils A. Pearson

The DTVP-A is a battery of six subtests that measure different but interrelated visual-perceptual and visual-motor abilities. The battery is designed for use with individuals ages 11 – 74 years, has empirically established reliability and validity.

Suitable for Traumatic Brain Injury and stroke patients, where Right hemisphere function may be an issue. The subtests and Indexes also will suggest areas of emphasis in cognitive and fine motor rehabilitation.

Dynamic Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment (DLOTCA)

  • Ages: 18 – 69 Years
  • Testing Time: 45-90 Minutes
  • Published: 2011
  • Authors: Katz, Livni, Erez and Averbuch

The DLOTCA is a series of tests that evaluate generic cognitive abilities.

  • Orientation – Day, Time, Year
  • Visual Perception – recognising objects & shapes & understanding their purpose
  • Spatial Perception – Knowing where the body lies in space
  • Thinking Organisation – Evaluates general skills with an emphasis on categorisation and object classification; and visual motor organisation which refers to reconstructive skills

The DLOTCA can identify strengths and weaknesses in different areas, measure learning potential and recognise thinking strategies as well as helping identify and improve a person’s awareness of their cognitive abilities.

Rookwood Driving Assessment Battery

  • Ages: Adult
  • Testing Time: 30-40 Minutes
  • Published: 2009
  • Authors: Patricia McKenna

The Rookwood Driving Battery consists of simple neuropsychological tests to help evaluate basic cognitive functions essential for safe driving. The domains of functioning assessed include visual perception, praxis skills, and executive function. Each of the skills tested relate to the client's ability to move a car in space and act appropriately in on-road traffic.

Performance on the battery gives a good indication of an individual’s cognitive fitness to drive and can help the therapist decide whether an on road test is appropriate.

The Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test 3 (RBMT-3)

  • Ages: 16–96 Years
  • Testing Time: 30 Minutes
  • Published: 2008
  • Authors: Barbara A. Wilson, Eve Greenfield, Linda Clare, Alan Baddeley, Janet Cockburn, Peter Watson, Robyn Tate, Sara Sopena & Rory Nannery

The RBMT-3 is an internationally renowned, highly sensitive, ecological test of gross memory impairment. It is designed to predict everyday memory problems in people with acquired, non-progressive brain injury and to monitor their change overtime.

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About Sensory Elite Healthcare

The focus of setting up Sensory Elite Healthcare Ltd is to provide specialist rehabilitation support for Children and Adults with Acquired Brain Injury, Autism, Learning disabilities and high quality home care at a competitive price in the homes of clients who have a need.

Our objective is to provide a homecare service to be run by a number of qualified staff. This includes Joanne Blackwell a qualified Occupational Therapist with experience in child and adult health and social care both hospital and community based and Bhavna Dowe an NVQ Level 3 in ChildCare Learning & Development. Other members of staff with relevant qualifications and experience.

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